Nutrient Rich Oils Used In Katie's Homemade Soaps


Apricot Kernel Oil - Readily absorbed into the skin. It is gentle and mild. Adds a conditioning asset to the soap. Known for its moisturizing, nourishing, and revitalizing properties.


Avocado Oil - Highly therapeutic containing protein, amino acids, and relatively large amounts of vitamin A, D, & E.


Castor Oil - This thick, viscous oil is soothing and lubricating. It also acts as a humectant by attracting and retaining moisture to the skin. In combination with other soap making oils, it makes a wonderfully emollient, firm bar of soap.


Coconut Oil - Makes the bar firm and allows for high solubility and a quick fluffy lather.


Grapefruit Seed Extract - A natural preservative used to extend the shelf life by a few months without altering the other ingredients and without causing allergic reactions. A by-product of the citrus industry made from vegetable sources, it contains vitamin C and glycerin.


Kukui Nut Oil - The kukui nut tree is the official state tree of Hawaii. Hawaiians have used this non-greasy oil to treat sunburn and chapped skin. Easily absorbed by the skin. High in essential fatty acids which are critical for healthy skin.


Olive Oil - A very good moisturizer, it attracts and holds moisture close to the skin.


Palm Oil - Makes the bar firm, cleans well, and is mild.


Shea Butter - Known as African karite butter it is expressed from the pits of the fruit of the butter tree which grows in central Africa. Soothes and softens dry chapped skin.


Sweet Almond Oil - An excellent emollient known to soften, soothe, and condition skin. Produces a mild soap with nice lather.









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Sample Bars


If you would like a sample of our homemade soap, please fill out the form to the right. We will be happy to ship a sample to you.


The sample bar you receive will be  the actual bar size offered to your customers. Size is 4.5 to 5.0 ounces per bar.





Wholesale Program


Because each batch of soap is hand crafted  from scratch using the emollient/nutrient rich oils listed here, Katie's Homemade Soap creates soap that cleanses gently, is mild, and produces a creamy, bubbly lather.


Bars wholesale for $1.99.




Please use and enjoy!




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