Katie was born in 1925 and grew up in Palmyra, Ohio during the Great Depression and World War II. After marrying Louis in 1948 and settling in Newton Falls, Ohio, Katie lived a simple life raising four children. Katie’s endless unconditional love serves as the inspiration behind this simple bar of soap.


Thanks  Mom!


Ron Selak, Soap Maker


Katie's Homemade Soap was inspired by the simple, clean living that Katie showed to her children as they were growing up.


Ron, Katie's son, continues the tradition of simplicity by lovingly crafting each batch of soap by hand, guaranteeing each batch receives Ron's personal attention, care, and commitment.


As Ron has developed Katie's Homemade Soap, he has continued to work with quality in mind. All of the ingredients that he uses have been selected for their beneficial properties. Please see the Scent List for further information on the ingredients in each batch.



Social Responsibility


Katie's Homemade Soap is also committed to social responsibility. All labels are printed on paper that is a minimum of 10% recycled material. Whenever possible, Katie's Homemade Soap purchases goods and services from local vendors.

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